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I’m Linda. My friends would tell you I’m always quick with a funny story. My kids would tell you I’m the best mom ever. And my husband would tell you I’ve made all his dreams come true. (They're on a sugar high!)

I grew up in the rural outskirts of Cincinnati, Ohio in farm country.  I lived on 20 acres that Mr. Hutzel sold  to my dad. We had a huge garden on that 20 acres, fruit trees, strawberries, a couple horses to ride and 20 black Angus cattle.   My mom worked outside the home but still had time make Halloween costumes and strawberry preserves.   She "put up" every vegetable from the garden , with our help,  and we ate like kings all winter!  Our neighbors the Hutzels were German with 12 children!  That used to be something before the Duggers, and growing up in close proximity to them had a huge impact on me.  I watched Mrs. Hutzel in her apron take care of her family packing lunches in paper sacks and baking.  The house always smelled like fresh baked bread!   Mrs. Hutzel was always in the kitchen or hanging laundry.  If you look up farmhouse in the dictionary you'd see a picture of the Huztel's  house.  I'm sure Martha Stewart got all her pantry designs  from Mrs. Hutzel...but what does this have to do with me?  Without knowing it I was falling in love with something being in these places.  It was dough and technique, and recipes on small hand written cards.   It was old country and things that are timeless.  Vintage, fresh ingredients, water from a well, homemade bread.  All the baking and designing and passion for Sugar Whisk Confections come from these places and these women.   Its only fitting that I named my hard working kitchen aide mixer Mrs. Hutzel.   She is always by my side as I put on my apron.  Each time I take a scoop of flour or sugar i think of those massive tins in her pantry. ...and I go to work...in my home, just like she did.  But when I wear fabulous shoes...I always think of you mom! xoxo

So how did Sugar Whisk Confections begin? Oddly enough, it all started with a medical malady that changed my whole world.  I had a stroke. I was young and healthy. And then I wasn’t. Recovering took time.  Physically I looked normal , but mentally was a different story.  It took a lot more work to get my brain back to where it once was. Letters, numbers, symbols all looked like scribble to me, so I had to relearn everything. But I’m determined, and I worked hard. I started copying recipes to get practice writing. And then one day, I decided I was going to make the recipe I was copying. 

I started baking. And one thing led to another... I tested sugar cookie recipes. Tweaked and baked another batch. I fed cookies to my husband, his co-workers, my kids and friends until we finally narrowed it down to the perfect cookie. Then my husband custom-made rolling pin guides that allowed me to roll my dough to the perfect thickness. And hence  my perfect sugar cookie was born.

The same process still goes into each and every recipe developed for Sugar Whisk Confections.  Many a cake, filling, icing, or pie has been sliced and shared and critiqued and tweaked. Check my husband’s waist for the proof, ha!

The artistry that comes next is somewhat of a partnership.  I enjoy working closely with my clients to develop a perfect  design to match the expectations of their vision and I love that they trust my creative flare Together we have a slow, delicate process that involves time,  fabrics, laces, Pinterest,  heirlooms, mood boards really anything that conveys a clients wishes.  It's through this process that we create something beautiful and delicious!   Sugar is edible art that that I want to make so beautiful that you'll  say is too pretty to eat...but one taste and you'll be so very glad you did! 

Sugar Whisk Confections -  exquisite cookies and cakes...one of a kind...handmade just for you!